COVID-19 Employee Sign In – Sign Out Form

With many businesses now moving to a staged return to work approach, a client in the not for profit health sector had need for a way to easily record when their team members enter the office/s and leave.

The key information needed is: 

  • If a staff member was entering the office or leaving
  • Their name
  • The date
  • What time they entered or left

It needed to be simple, accessible from their own devices (phones, ipads etc) and then each week the WHS Officer would review with Management to ensure that they were complying with the Government requirements on maximum number of people onsite at any one time, social distancing and also to record who may have been exposed to a risk of infection.

This also fed into the organisation’s WHS risks and quality management system which was also in Folio.

Sample Form

Click Here to view a sample Sign-in Sign-out form

Contactless Sign-in Sign-out forms


Your team members can even access this form from their mobile phones using this QR Code. Give it a try, just point your phone camera at it.

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