2019 National Primary Health Network Showcase in Newcastle

Folio was on display at the National Primary Health Network (PHN) Commissioning Showcase this week (August 28 and 29) in Newcastle. This year’s showcase was at the same iconic venue as last year, the stunning Merewether Surfhouse. Over 100 attendees were treated to amazing presentations that were framed all the while by the finest ocean views that Newcastle had to offer.

Simple, Intuitive Contract Management

Folio provides 13 Primary Health Networks with a customisable, cloud based platform to easily manage commissioned services contracts, core funding agreements, consulting services agreements and more. Folio enables PHNs to manage the key aspects of the contract lifecycle including

  • Contract approval workflows
  • DocuSign Integration
  • Finance/CRM and BI Tools Integration
  • Contract document storage
  • Service provider credentials
  • Supplier portal
  • Risk management at all levels (strategic, operational, project and contractual)
  • Compliance management
  • Quality management
  • Incident reporting

Contract Performance Management


Commissioned services contracts are the life blood of a PHN. The PHN wants to know if a program is running effectively or not and this is highlighted by several lead indicators. Lead indicators may be collected from a variety of data sources, there are many key performance indicators that the PHN collects directly from the Service providers, Folio helps with our supplier portal which enables PHNs to collect performance data from Service Providers, set targets and track provider performance against target. With quality reporting, Folio ensures that the PHN Board has confidence that programs are being managed.

Folio is Australian based and hosted, your data is safe with us to comply with PHN’s data integrity and storage requirements.

We offer a range of scalable pricing options and are well established in the health and not for profit sectors.

For more information give our Health Lead, Ian Hunter a call on (02) or email ian@kwelasolutions.com