Kwela Solutions

We believe that software should be simple and easy to use and have made it our mission to build amazing contracts, risk and compliance software for any business.

Our web-based software Folio is used in Health, Not For Profits, Food & Beverage, Financial Services and a host of other Industries. Our Sydney based team, responds quickly to feedback and releases new features consistently.

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Kwela is inspired by the penny whistle based street music from southern Africa. It means many things from ‘get up’ in Zulu, an invitation to dance and a warning in the townships of South Africa that the police were coming.

The Problem

With Contracts, Risk & Compliance many organisations struggle with the age old problems:

Tracking who does what and when?

Monitoring the status of outstanding actions

Using spreadsheets to solve all of the above

This leads to the failure to identify issues early and a problem that soon becomes too big to fix.


The Solution

We have a great alternative!

Quick to implement, cost effective, web-based



Great contract management in a simple, intuitive software solution that will engage your team.

Risk & Compliance

Risk, compliance, incidents, audits and much more all packaged up in a flexible software solution.

kim wilson

Kim Wilson

Kim is a lawyer with a keen interest in building up software companies. She has over a decade experience in helping Organisations with Governance Risk and Compliance. As a co-founder & Managing Director of Kwela Solutions she leads the professional services practice, ensuring that Folio is effectively implemented and delivers value to our customers. Her experiences and insights play a key role in the development of the Folio product. Kim has an LLB from the University of Cape Town and MBA from Monash University in Melbourne. She has worked at Tickit Systems, SMS Consulting & Werksmans Attorneys back home in South Africa and is serving on the Board of a job services provider.

tarun philip

Tarun Philip

As a co-founder and Managing Director of Kwela Solutions, Tarun’s role is to manage product direction to grow the Folio client base and build partnerships. Tarun has over 10 years experience with Governance Risk and Compliance. He has a BCom from the University of Madras and MBA from Monash University. Previously he has served in technology management and sales roles for Tickit Systems and the Murugappa Group in India.