Announcing a Webinar on Managing Diverse Risk Areas in one Risk Framework

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Folio and RISIKO are pleased to invite you to a webinar series on the key issues that risk manager’s face and how to resolve them.


The webinar will be presented by Oliver Poss, RISIKO’s Principal Consultant. Oliver is backed by several years experience implementing risk management frameworks in large organisations. His most recent roles included the Head of Risk at Lend Lease Services and senior risk roles with Government.


Managing Diverse Risk Areas in One Risk Framework.


Safety team needs a specific process for safety risk, the C suite wants a simplified process for strategic risk and Project Managers need to capture project nuances in their risk profiles.  How do I deal with these requirements in one risk framework?


Oliver Poss, Principal Consultant, RISIKO


Tuesday, October 18, 2016


12:30PM Sydney | 1:30PM Brisbane | 12PM Adelaide | 9:30AM Perth | 2:30PM Auckland


More information

Please contact Tarun Philip or Alice Nguyen on (02) 8283 2190 or