An Australian Energy Leader’s Thoughts on Folio


Epuron is one of Australia’s leading renewable energy companies, with a heavy involvement in developing wind farms and solar power stations Рas well as providing development services to various clients in the energy sector.


Epuron has been using Folio as their contract management system over the past 2 years, primarily dealing with land and asset acquisition and maintenance agreements. Folio has grown into a CRM for their Project Managers, who record interactions with landowners, council and other stakeholders. The ease of use and configurability of Folio has allowed Epuron to continue doing what they do best – working to further the Australian renewable energy market.

This was what Michelle Willis-Davis, Office Manager at Epuron had to say about Folio:

Epuron has been using Folio to successfully manage its contracts for 2 years. We also use it as a landowner CRM to track emails and conversations in a central place, which has been fantastic for Project Managers. We were impressed by the time Kim personally took in the roll out phase to make sure the system reflected exactly what we needed. We find it user friendly, intuitive and comprehensive. The IT support is excellent and Kwela are constantly making improvements to the system. We would highly recommend the Folio software for any contract management requirement.

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