Contract Performance Management Excellence for Primary Health

Primary Health Network contracts with their service providers tend to be complex with a range of deliverables both quantitative and qualitative that need to be monitored to ensure that providers are on track to meeting the needs of the population.


Folio, the contract management software that is used by many Primary Health Networks has recently introduced a performance management feature that will enable effective monitoring of both quantitative and qualitative deliverables.

Benefits of the Folio Performance Management Feature for the PHN

Folio takes the issues out of collecting Service Provider reporting. When reports are due, the provider is reminded and submits their reports via Folio. There are many benefits that arise from this approach:

Folio ensures high quality service provider reports. Providers submit reports in one format through Folio. Fields such as numeric fields are enforced, and providers can be required to provide comments when performance thresholds are not met.

performance comments

PHN Boards and Management teams will now have Provider Performance data at their fingertips. Dashboards present performance by program and can be drilled down to performance by provider.

deliverable performance data

A flexible Deliverables tab on the contract screen enables program managers to look at program performance in different ways.

Deliverables performance over time
View overall contract performance over time
Deliverable program and location
Drill down to a particular deliverable and view by program and location
Deliverable performance comments
Drill into performance comments

Benefits to Service Provider

Service Providers have an incentive to use Folio as well. At no additional cost to them it provides a simple and easy to use portal for them to submit their reports. The benefits to the provider include:

Instant feedback on performance targets

deliverables instant feedback

Instant feedback on year to date performance on the contract

deliverables instant feedback on contracts

A repository of all the reports that they provide to the PHN

deliverables repository of reports

To know more about Performance Management in Folio, contact Tarun Philip or Alice Nguyen on (02) 9699 3295