Folio’s July 2021 Release Webinar

We are super excited that our July 2021 release is now live. Here are the big highlights:

Hub: Hub marks the start of a new Policy and Procedure management functionality in Folio. It provides a searchable repository for Policy and Procedure Documents stored in Folio. The feature includes a unique, unchanging link to each document making them easy to share and replace after they are reviewed. It also includes statistics on document usage.

Signature Field Type: Our new signature field, as the name suggests will allow users to sign forms before submitting. For example, your incident form can now require the submitter to “sign here please”.

New Launchpads: Launchpads enable Organisations to create a starting point for staff, suppliers and volunteers to access key forms. Launchpads can now include instructions and policy and procedure documents.

Deleting Folio Records:Have you ever needed to delete a Folio record? Well this feature is for you, Folio records and their attachments can now be permanently deleted. Super Users only of course!

Release Webinar: Here is a recording of the full release webinar: