New features from November 2018

Avatars, Business Unit Managers, and Much More

Hi All,

The Folio team is super excited to bring you a recording of our release webinar for the November 2018 release. We have posted the recording on Vimeo and will find that below. You also find a list of the key new features below.


Scorecard is a new type of configurable snapshot that appears on your homepage. It gives you key information such as # of Folios and # of Entities you are contracting with by template, but it also lets you see other contract information at a glance. 

Need to see how many contracts or incidents are waiting for approval?

The Waiting for Approval Snapshot gives you a view of Folios that are pending approval, broken down by how long they have been waiting:

Do you need to update all your contracts, risks or incidents in one go? 

Folio now has the ability to update Folios in bulk, by importing to existing Folios. This feature is great for making changes to several Folios in one go, without having to go through each Folio one by one.


A picture is worth a thousand words. We are progressively introducing Avatars in Folio to let you put a face to a name. Setting up your Avatar is as simple as adding a selfie to Folio 🙂

Folio Notes

And as part of the Avatar refresh there is a fresh coat of paint on notes in Folio.

Business Unit Manager

Large Folio implementations needing Administrators for particular Folio business units will love this feature. The Business Unit Manager is able to manager users and templates for their Business Unit.

Do you need to bring several documents into Folio at one time? 

If you need to get a bunch of documents into Folio, this feature is for you. Use the attachment uploader to pull all your documents into Folio and map them to the Folios that they need to go to. Implementing new contracts, incident registers and more will now be lightning quick!

Do more with Folio Reports

Change font size, create ruled PDF reports, and group reports so that you have a  new group on a separate page.

Folio is a web-based Contract, Risk & Compliance Software designed and developed by Kwela Solutions in Australia. Our customers come from a variety of industries including Health, Hospitality, Not for Profits, Food & Beverage, Financial Services, Associations & more.

If you would like to know more about Folio call us on +61 2 8283 2190 or fill out this short form and we will get in touch.