Folio’s June Release Webinar

COVID-19 has dominated 2020. What a year it has been! Almost everything has changed, most of us started working from home and still are either permanently or in some part time capacity for the foreseeable future.

Our world has followed this pattern, our entire team now works from home. Some of us occasionally visit the office for a must-have face to face meeting or to use the more-dependable internet.

All our implementations have now shifted online and we are finding several benefits of doing them this way. The biggest benefit is the cut down of travel time which gives us more time to prepare and create a more focused implementation. More on this later, the focus of this post is our June 2020 release!

The June 2020 Folio release has several feature highlights. Key features include:

  • Automations: Notifications and Actions triggered by certain conditions on a Folio.
  • Insights: Data visualisations built right into Folio, gives you key insights without having to go to a business intelligence tool.
  • Create Link: A new way that allows authenticated users to submit forms.
  • DocuSign enhancements: Folio’s DocuSign integration now supports signing by subsidiary Organisations.