Rebbeck Consulting PHN Commissioning Services

PHN Commissioning Excellence Foundations Training Workshop

An interactive practitioner’s guide to applying the key commissioning concepts in Australian healthcare. Targeted at all PHN staff, and facilitated as either a 1 or 2-day course, participants will learn how to:


  • Articulate the purpose and philosophy of commissioning
  • Apply the full range of commissioning levers – going beyond procurement
  • Explore practical tools, techniques and case studies across the PHN commissioning cycle
  • Examine future international commissioning trends and apply these to an Australian context
commissioning to improve

PHN Commissioning Maturity Review

Rebbeck Consulting applies its proven commissioning maturity framework to assess the performance of your PHN against international commissioning excellence. We will review your PHN against 23 commissioning domains and work with your leadership team to develop a multi-year commissioning development plan to accelerate your journey towards commissioning excellence.

PHN Commissioning Excellence Masterclasses

Rebbeck Consulting facilitates bespoke commissioning masterclasses with PHN leadership and commissioning teams to embed capabilities in your PHN. We cover topics across all aspects of the commissioning cycle including:


Outcomes Commissioning

  • Change Management
  • Performance Management
  • Co-Design
  • Health Intelligence & Analytics

PHN Commissioning Delivery Support

Rebbeck Consulting supports PHNs in the practical delivery of commissioning, including supporting PHNs in:


  • Health Needs Assessment Refresh
  • PHN Strategy Development
  • Co-Design Facilitation
  • Procurement Strategy & Delivery
  • KPI Reviews
  • Design of Evaluations


Rebbeck Consulting provides a wide range of commissioning services to PHNs including Commissioning Excellence Training, Commissioning Maturity Reviews, Commissioning Masterclasses & Commissioning Delivery Support. To find out more, please visit the website or alternatively contact Jay Rebbeck on 0414 400 524 or email him.