Work From Home Checklist

Working from home or WFH is great and it has been one of many big shifts that this pandemic has brought to how we work. WFH for many of us has meant more time with our families and a great deal of flexibility. It has had it’s downsides too, many have feel isolated and out of touch with their friends and colleagues for example. 

Employer’s obligations persist with WFH


It is important to note that the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 still applies if team members work somewhere other than their usual workplace, i.e. even if they work from home. The Safe Work NSW guidance on Working from Home states  the employer has an obligation to make sure that the health and safety of their workers is maintained even when they work from home.

Folio Working From Home Checklist


We have developed a WFH Checklist that can you can adapt to your requirements. The WFH checklist covers Work Health & Safety, Manual Handling, Electrical Safety and Ergonomics. Employees can be required to complete the checklist at regular intervals and it will allow you to monitor that they are working in a safe and healthy environment. 

Click here to view a sample Work From Home checklist

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